June 25                 Sparks/NCR Trail                 Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Practices are on Sunday mornings.  June 25 - September 24, at 7:30.  October 1 - November 19 at 8:00

Date                      PracticeSite                         Events/Celebrations/Observances    

August 20             Canton Waterfront Park


October 8               Sparks/NCR Trail

September 10        Sparks/NCR Trail                   Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon, Saturday, the 9th; Run to Remember 5K and 11K, John W. Brick 5K  

October 1               Canton Waterfront Park

July 9                    Canton Waterfront Park 

July 16                  Loch Raven 

July 30                  BWI/B&A Trail

September 24        BWI/B&A Trail

October 22             Sparks/NCR Trail                    Baltimore Running Festival Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 5K, Saturday, the 21st

October 15             ​BWI/B&A Trail at 7:20

July 2                    NO PRACTICE                     Independence Day, Tuesday, the 4th

August 6               Loch Raven

September 3          ​NO PRACTICE                      Charles St. 12, Saturday, the 2nd; Labor Day, Monday, the 4th                         

November 12         Sparks/NCR Trail

August 27             Sparks/NCR Trail   

July 23                  Sparks/NCR Trail

November 19         Sparks/NCR Trail

September 17        Loch Raven

October 29             Canton Waterfront Park

August 13             Sparks/NCR Trail

Saturday, Nov. 4     BWI/B&A Trail at 7:40         ​    Across the Bay 10K, DST Ends, Sunday, the 5th​​